USA Dance (SW FL) Chapter #6049

About Us

Chapter Board of Directors.

Board members are elected for two year terms, board members may serve multiple terms. The present board will serve through December 2019/2020.

The Board members have agreed to serve in the following capacities:

President: Gary Desrosiers (2020)
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Mary Bonnette  (2019)

Treasurer: Amy Maneval  (2019)

Special Events : Mary Bonnette (2019)

VP Charlotte County Satellite: Robin Deo (2019)

Membership Coordinator:  William Wymer (2020)

Communications Coordinator: Nathalie Lemoine (2020)

Director at Large: Franck Lemoine (2020)



The Functions

Social Dance Committee: This group schedules events, coordinates with studios or other facilties, arranges for spotlight or exhibition dances, does the setup and clean up, decorations, ticket sales, greeters, information table,50/50 program, refreshments, and other activities that make our events sucessful.

Publicity: Submit regular dance information and news releases to the media. Coordinate contact with chapter members about events via email, phone, etc. Design and print flyers for chapter activities. Publish periodic newsletter and reminder updates for members and interested parties. Maintain chapter web-site.

Membership: Provides a supply of membership applications at all chapter events. Communicate with non-members to make them aware of the benefits of membership. Develop promotions to increase membership..."Bring a friend" etc.

The structure of these activities is flexible. Most of these functions are performed by member at large volunteers. Many are handled by long time members to insure our events are satisfying to the membership. There is always room for improvement and interested people are invited to join in accomplishing these activities.

Thank you for your continued support of our chapter, and please be assured that your comments and suggestions are welcome.

How You Can Help

Our Chapter as with any membership organization, needs member support.

The important thing is to attend as many functions as you can and let your board members know if these functions meet your expectations.

Introduce your friends and acquaintances to ballroom dancing. Invite them to chapter activities and encourage them to become members of USA Dance Inc.

Volunteer to help during functions; this could be wecoming arrivals at the door, helping with the 50/50 sales, setting up refreshments..making newcomers feel welcome.

Go one step further and volunteer to become a Board of Directors/Committee member. There is always a need for talented people to help with publicity, newsletters, web-site management, planning events, and a multitude of things which could make our chapter better.

If you are so inclined, the officers of the chapter are elected for 2 year terms. If you feel you could make a difference or make thing work better, don't be bashful! Let people know you are interested.

First and foremost GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR at every opportunity!

Our Host Team Program is off the ground and functioning well!

Some times it's hard to realize that USA Dance is a group of "community volunteers" bringing a dance program to the chapter members and friends in the area and much is done to make sure this is a rewarding and pleasurable experience. There is always someone making sure there are chairs for everyone in the ballroom. They keep track of you all, set up the refreshments and make our sessions a pleasure!

There are those extra "hosts" who pitch in stow the stairs at the end of a delightful evening of dance!

We could go on and on about how caring people are always there to bring the "Dancing for America" program to our local area at an affordable cost.

You can help by filling in a date on the "HOST TEAM SCHEDULE" on the bulletin board in the lobby. There are still some blanks. This is a nice way to share the work that needs to be done without giving anyone a "Life Sentence"

Thanks for your support and keep on dancing!